Paulo Massa, le king de la baise ! - Paulo Massa
Tempo: 186 minute
Hi there! My friends call me the King of fuck! This is perhaps due to my peculiar way to knock guys with my big and thick Brazilian dick. Think I am being pretentious ? Well, in this case just watch this DVD and make your own mind. You will also discover Justin Link whom I fuck without interruption for an hour. Jo Delight always ready to serve me. Patrick Levilain pounded mercilessly. Dee and Frederico Manuel Barbosa treated as sluts by two over sized dicks (23 cm and 27 cm). Who's next ???
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Tempo: 61 min

Justin Link is a young dude from Nantes. He's only 21 but he knows what he wants...and that is: Paulo Massa's huge fat dick! He asked the stud to meet up in a hotel room. He was dying to suck him off and looking forward to getting fucked. Everything went according to plan until the boy turned around to offer his tight ass-hole. He had no idea he was gonna end up in so much pain. Of course it was never a problem because Paulo knows how to break in a virgin ass! Check this out!

Tempo: 35 min

Jo Delight is a cute mixed race guy with Brazilian origins, now living in Paris. I've seen his video on Citebeur where he was fucked by some arab guys and decided to make sure that this youngster will not forget his origins. He must learn that Brazilian cock is as good as arabic, if not much better. So I've invited him and fucked his mouth and ass for two long hours ! It was one of my favorite sex plans lately. The guys if very obedient and very much in need of big dicks and rough sex. Do not underestimate the power of Brazilian dick, boy !


Pubblicato: 2018-01-25 - Tempo: 37 min

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Pubblicato: 2018-10-09 - Tempo: 27 min

Very exciting video of Paulo Massa and his black friend Momo who fucks a french slut Frederico Barbosa. Initially Paulo asked his buddy to hold the camera while he was fucking the bitch, but when Momo have seen how roughly Paulo was fucking that slut, this straight black dude got hard and decided to fuck that ass by himself. So this french bottom slut will be roughly fucked by top brazilian fucker Paulo Massa and his african fellow. Lucky guy !

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Paulo Massa, le king de la baise !