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Paulo Massa et Alex Conrad Plan suce

I love to be sucked. Particularly by guys. Girls never suck my dick as they shall do it. But when gay guys see my big large brazilian dick they are just crazy about it. They want to suck my dick all day long. That's realy great. I love sooo much to be sucked all day long. This time it's Alex who's gonna suck my big dick. And he's almost specialist in the matter. I was filming him, laying down on his knee and sucking my latino dick all day long. Tempo:11 min


Tempo:42 min


Paulo Massa and Diamantidis Marcellus

In this video I'm gonna show you one of my favorite fuck-buddies who came from Athens, Greece only to visit me and I can say he's specialised in taking cock. He can take them anywhere, anytime for as long as you want. The first time I met him, he sucked me so well that I decided to fuck him hard...real hard. I shove my hard dick in him in many positions and I left his hole wide open. He fucking loved it and so will you!!! Who's the next ? Tempo:41 min


Paulo Massa, Momo and Manuel Dee

Synopse soon Tempo:37 min


Paulo Massa and Manuel Dee

Synopse soon Tempo:33 min


A twink's first time

Today I have a little twink with me . His name is Lucas Vino and he's from the north of Brazil. He's just 18 but he loves cock. The bigger the better so I'm not surprised he called me! He recently sucked so many dicks but he's never taken anything up his tight little virgin ass. It's a real pleasure for me today to pop his cherry right in front of all my fans! I told him not to worry, that I was gonna go easy on him (at the start) and that he was gonna be fine... Guess what? The boy came with my huge cock up his ass! Check this out! Tempo:37 min


Bob H Slut: the perfect whore!

Bob H Slut has been dreaming about appearing in a video with me for a long time. He finally contacted me recently telling me: "Paulo, you know you are the guy who makes video where the fuck-sessions are not staged. They happen naturally and I like that a lot! so I decided to come and visit you so that I can be your slut for an hour!" Of course I accepted the offer! All I can tell you is that Bob gives amazing blow-jobs and is ass....will never be the same! Check this out! Tempo:50 min


Patrice Lallemant, casting and fuck

Yesterday I interviewed a hot little blond dude for a casting video with me. He didn't know that he was going to get a taste of my big 9 inch Brazilian cock straight away like he always dreamed of! I quickly took it out and shoved it in his mouth. I pushed it right down his throat! Then I fucked him hard. The bitch loved it! They always do!!! Check this out! Tempo:36 min