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This french guy is one of the best sucker I know. He always plays the same game. He wants to present himself like the one who's not so much interested in sex or my dick either, but I know that he dies for it. So I always wait for him to finish his job and then he gets down on his knees and asks for my big fat dick. I give him it every time because this slut wants it and suck it so good. Damn I ! I am the luckiest guy ! Having big dick is so advantageous. All guys just want to suck you all day long !


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Today I'm meeting up with my buddy Alexandre Conrad who recently told me he wanted to get fucked by a huge black cock. I happily helped him realise his dream! I called Big Momo. When I say big is an understatement! The dude's got a donkey's cock between his legs! Momo never refuses an offer to hump a white dude. Now watch what happened. All I can say is: job done!


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Here is what I have in store for you today my friend: My huge fat Brazilian cock for a naughty dude called Morgan Berthelot. He contacted me a while ago to ask me to come over and fuck him while his boyfriend was away. I couldn't resist the offer! The boy is a total slut and a sex-addict. Exactly the type of guy i love banging! I have for you now 45 minutes of non-stop sucking and fucking! Morgan's holes were sore for an entire week after this intense session!


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My friend Adama called me today to discuss about how he broke up with his girlfriend. He also asked me to bring my camera...When I arrived at his place, he was already naked and told me: "Turn on the camera, I'm ready for you! It's been waiting to shoot my load for too long, I haven't fucked in months!" I obeyed and started filming. I knew that Adama was a bit of an exhibitionist but I never expected him to do porn! He took his 9 inch cock in his hand and started masturbating then he sucked me off (I knew he was bisexual but it was good to see it from my own eyes). We ended up wanking together and shooting a massive load. Off camera he told me he always wanted to do that with me since the day we went to the beach and he saw the size of my cock through my swimming trunks.


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